At PHHH our goal is to create a safe, affordable space for patients and their families as they navigate difficult times in a new city. We provide housing obtained through referrals, day services like showers and laundry facilities, and waiting room adoption where we provide much-needed supplies to loved ones confined to hospital lobbies. Above and beyond these services, we strive to create a sense of community for our guests so they can feel a little closer to home.

Please note: Family caregivers desiring to stay at PHHH must first request a referral from the hospital treating the patient. Submitted referrals generate our waiting list, and potential guests are contacted as rooms become available. Because rooms are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, please note that a referral is not a reservation. Once a family is able to check into a room, they are able to stay as long as the patient is receiving active medical treatment, and thus room openings are sometimes difficult to predict.

For a referral, please see a social worker, nurse case manager, or guest services coordinator at the medical facility treating your patient.

IMPORTANT: Once you have asked your social worker to submit a referral, please click here to read about our Background Check Policy and to complete authorization for PHHH to conduct a Background Check. Background Checks are required of all overnight guests over age 18.

If you are a social worker, nurse case manager or guest services representative who needs to refer a patient, please click here.

We provide housing that serves 30 families each night. Families pay $35/night to stay.

Patients and caregivers who stay in the residence receive the following amenities:

  • Private rooms and bathrooms
  • Internet access
  • Laundry facilities
  • Library
  • Communal kitchen and dining room with dinner provided by volunteers
  • Communal living room with TV, movies, games
  • Courtyard and garden

Day Services

For those caregivers who prefer to remain at the hospital or for those who live within Davidson County or surrounding local counties, we offer Day Services programs.  Guests may shower, do laundry, and rest in our lounge.  This brief respite from the hospital rejuvenates caregivers while meeting their most basic needs.

Waiting Room Amenities

We adopt 18 waiting rooms in hospitals and clinics in Davidson and surrounding counties, providing baskets stocked with toiletries, snacks, games, magazines and other items waiting friends and families may need. We reach approximately 50,000 people through this program annually.

Community Support

We strive to provide more than a place to stay for an extended period of time; we provide a community to support you and your family through this sudden tragedy. We understand the emotional toll that an extended hospital stay can take on an individual and a family. We make sure you are surrounded by a staff, who truly care about your physical and emotional well-being.

With a hot dinner provided by volunteers each weeknight, you can focus on supporting your loved ones when it is needed most. We believe a strong community allows guests to maintain some sense of normalcy at a time of chaos. Guests have the opportunity to engage with other guests and share stories and experiences.

Everyday we see the community have profound and meaningful impacts on guests. Our community is what makes Pinson Hospital Hospitality House so much more than just a place to stay, but a place for individuals and families to find comfort in a time of stress.