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About the Residence

We now serve 18 families each night, providing nearly 13,000 room nights annually.

Stay with Us

Patients and caregivers who stay in the residence find private rooms and bathrooms, phones with voice-mail, internet access, and laundry facilities. Guests also enjoy food for three meals a day in our communal kitchen and dining room, often enjoying a dinner provided by a volunteer or working together to prepare a special treat for everyone. After dinner or throughout the day, guests enjoy spending time in the living room, watching television or movies, reading, playing computer games or just talking. Guests also love to sit in the courtyard, relaxing in a quiet garden to release the stress of the hospital.


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For a referral to the Residence, please see a social worker, nurse case manager or guest servicesĀ at the hospital caring for your patient.

If you are a social worker, nurse case manager or guest services representative who needs to refer a patient, please click the Make a Referral button at the top of the website.