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Reba and Glen

Calling Summertown, Tennessee home, Reba and Glen Martin stayed at HHH during Glen’s post‐transplant monitoring period. Their medical journey started when Glen was undergoing diagnostic testing for a neck injury. Unknown to anyone, Glen was allergic to a dye used in one of his scans. This allergy resulted in serious damage to his liver and other organs. For four months, Glen and Reba traveled back and forth between Vanderbilt University Medical Center and home, spending no more than three days at a time at home due to the critical nature of Glen’s condition. As his condition worsened, Glen was admitted to the hospital to wait for his transplant.

Sadly, Glen condition continued to deteriorate, and the doctors had to take him off the transplant wait list. The Martins’ devout faith and the determination of the medical staff at VUMC helped them through this dark time. On Easter, doctors informed Reba and Glen that Glen had been moved back to the transplant list. Early Tuesday morning, a nurse woke up Reba, who had slept at Glen’s bedside, telling her, “Things are going to start happening fast.” A liver had been found for Glen! Within a week of his surgery, Glen had been discharged to the Hospital Hospitality House where he continued to improve and we’re happy to report Glen and Reba were able to go back home to Summertown!