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Nathaniel Jackson and his sweet wife Myrtis came to Nashville from Chattanooga, TN so that Nathaniel could receive a life‐saving double lung transplant. Nathaniel went into the hospital while Myrtis and daughter‐in‐law Liz came to HHH.

Weeks after entering the hospital and after a successful transplant, Nathaniel came to HHH during his follow‐up medical treatment. The Jacksons were with us for four months, and for the first half of that time, Myrtis and Liz were separated from children and grandchildren and other friends and family who wanted to visit but who didn’t have a place to stay in town. The HHH Walmart House, designated apartments for long‐term stays, changed that situation when it opened in March 2009. On the very first weekend, over twenty relatives and friends gathered in the apartment to celebrate Nathaniel’s birthday and transplant, and each weekend thereafter found Nathaniel gettng some very special encouragement from visiting grandchildren!