Guest Stories

Kelly, Donna, and Marquis Syler

In March 2013 Kelly Syler went to a walk-in clinic where she was diagnosed with bronchitis and given antibiotics and steriods. Not long after that, her leg and stomach started to swell, which she thought was due to the steroids.  Things became worse very quickly, and soon she was in the ER because she couldn’t breathe. She had fluid on her lungs and heart,

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Nathaniel Jackson and his sweet wife Myrtis came to Nashville from Chattanooga, TN so that Nathaniel could receive a life‐saving double lung transplant. Nathaniel went into the hospital while Myrtis and daughter‐in‐law Liz came to HHH. Weeks after entering the hospital and after a successful transplant, Nathaniel came to HHH during his follow‐up medical treatment. The Jacksons were with us for four months, and

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Reba and Glen

Calling Summertown, Tennessee home, Reba and Glen Martin stayed at HHH during Glen’s post‐transplant monitoring period. Their medical journey started when Glen was undergoing diagnostic testing for a neck injury. Unknown to anyone, Glen was allergic to a dye used in one of his scans. This allergy resulted in serious damage to his liver and other organs. For four months, Glen and Reba traveled

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The Paynes

Michael Payne, a young man with who has two sons with wife Jessica, was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in July 2008—a possibility that had never entered his mind. After a rough year of treatments, doctors decided Michael needed a stem cell transplant. On July 8th, 2009, the family traveled to Nashville for the transplant. Jessica’s main concern was for her husband’s and family’s well

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